The Cherry Down Below

‘I have dessert for this naughty boy. I’m going to serve it with whip cream. Do you think he will like my big tits covered in whip cream? Men have told me they’re delicious. And I know for myself because my tits are big enough for me to suck on, too. As soon as I show him my boobies covered with cream, he is going to want to put his face and his cock between them. I’ll let him, because I like it, too. But first he has to lick the cream off my tits the way I like it. I want to see his tongue sticking out and his cock getting hard. Then he can put his face and his cock in my pussy. The cherry on top is really down below.’

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Punching Fun Bags

Jasmine wanted to get into shape after breaking up with her man. She wanted to show him what he was missing out on. She also wanted some dick since she hasn’t been fucked in a while. So she calls over a boxing trainer to get a workout. He shows up and is all about business.

This young latina plumper flirts her way into his arms and gets her big natural boobies out for him to play with. Then she shows off her big fat ass and horny wet pussy to him. Before you know it, she’s sucking his big dick off. After getting her mouth fucked, she climbs on his cock and rides him. Talk about some fun hardcore bbw sex action! Enjoy!

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Opening Up Spaces

Stacey was not happy to find her car blocked at her local Rite Aid, and was even less impressed when the individual responsible didn’t seem too keen on moving. However, after one look at her dark, delicious breasts and ass, he had to give in, and even offered her a chance to come to his place. Their rivalry soon become quite the friendship as Stacey showed off her hidden 38Ds and was wowed by the hard cock at hand. Soon the two were fucking and sucking each other like lovers, and not only did Stacey get her parking spot, but a warm splatter job all over her as an apology.

Stacey Sweets


Oh Sydney!

Sydney JJ is back in all her blonde bbw glory for some hot hardcore plumper action. She starts off as always, using that British accent of hers and showing off those HUGE natural rack of titties of hers. Her long blonde hair and that chubby tummy of hers make this plumper hot as fuck.

As she gets her pussy wet, the cock shows up and gets to work. From blowjob to titty fucking, Sydney sure has a way with the dick. Then she gets mounted and fucked into submission! Enjoy factor is high on this one!

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Blanca Black Bang

Cassie Blanca joins us for a fun filled episode of BBW’s Gone Black! This hot plumper blonde babe has one of the biggest natural rack of titties I’ve seen in a minute. Her plump round ass and that curvy belly resting above her tight pussy are amazing! She gets introduced to the black cock and quickly gets better acquainted by putting it in her mouth for some hot blowjob action. Titties get fucked as this 4’11″ babe gets ready to get her pussy stuffed! Tons of hot interracial hardcore sex here for your jerking pleasure. Enjoy!

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Beer Maid To Serve Your Boner

Are you in the mood for bratwurst and ale? Barmaid Brandy is here to serve you. She’s also a fan of sausage-the pork kind and the cock kind. Which ever you have, she’ll take. And if you can slip her a little bit of both at the same time, even better. ‘I love to eat and I love to fuck,’ Brandy said. ‘Why not have something tickling my taste buds and my pussy at the same time? I find that I’m my horniest after I eat certain foods-especially sausages. Obviously, it’s shaped like a cock. But it’s just as thick and juicy as one, too.’

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Wild hunger for hard cock

This is one big babe who has an even bigger hunger for hard cock than most sluts we show you. Not only does this babe love to get fucked till she’s a screaming mess but it’s not over till her face is covered in all the hot sticky cum that she can get.

Lots of cum on her sexy face

Come on in and watch as Rochelle gets her craving to be fucked and facialed satisfied.


Julia Sands was eyeing the landscaping guy for a while by the time she decided to call him over. This lucious Latina bbw and her sexy chubby curves were dying for some big black cock. She offered him more money and he was sold. Trimming her rose bush never sounded so fun. He sucked on her big fat natural titties and even got to titty fuck her as she sucked on his cock with determination. The hardcore sex that ensued was full of dick sucking, pussy licking and stuffing excitement! Trust!

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Rocking Out

June wanted to lead the rock star life with her guitar and fame, but eventually discovered that the musical world wasn’t exactly for her. However, she’s gotten the fame she always wanted for plenty of other reasons. One would be her big, sexy tits which are wanted by a lot of guys to fuck and suck, and she’s more than happy to offer. The only thing she wants in return is a big, throbbing cock to set her off. The more a long shaft can spread June’s pussy and plunge her deep and hard, the better. She loves riding dick to get the extra feel of the head inside her before getting rammed from behind to feel some balls on her ass. It seems that in her career as a horny BBW, June got even more than she desired compared to being a rock star. No rock star gets as much sex as this dreamy woman does.

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The Art of Plumper Pumpin’

Tiffany innocently showed up to make a little extra cash and have a new experience posing for a local artist. Well, it seems as though her perfectly round, plump ass and cute titties inspired more than just a painting.

After a few moments, bit by bit, her clothes came off to reveal a body that was so hot, it was begging to get fucked. And once his hands were rubbing oil on her big white ass, she was ready too. What ensued was a masterpiece of art in motion featuring some highbrow cocksuckery, indulgent (ass out) cowgirl, and a whole lot of hard fucking. All in the spirit of art.

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